Floor Bijkersma

Non Records

Together with Bear Damen I created a series of posters and flyers for the label night that Non Records organizes for Amsterdam Dance Event. This will take place on October 18th in Paradiso.

this is the line-up

Breakbot | I-F | Fierce Ruling Diva | In Flagranti |
Palmbomen (new live show/album presentation) | Bear Damen
THE BENELUX (live) | Martin Duvall | Antenna (live) | Marius (live)
BASEMENT (hosted by Boris & Boris):
Endfest | Hollywood & Vine | HyperHyper



– Poster A1 series 1–

– Poster A1 series 2–



– Flyer A5–


–Advetisement with zoom-in–

–On the street–